A Lookback at the 2022 Journey of Medieval Empires and what to expect in 2023!


January 2023

Team Medieval Empires

Medieval Empires has come a long way since the web3 project kicked off early in 2022, with numerous milestones achieved within the span of one year. And the journey has been nothing short of an exciting one for both the ME team and our ever-growing community! As we move into a new year, let’s do a quick roundup of all the major milestones that Medieval Empires achieved in 2022 and what amazing new updates the community can expect in 2023!

Website and Pitch Deck

The Medieval Empires website and the pitch deck was launched early in 2022 as the project kicked off.  


The Whitepaper for Medieval Empires was added to the website soon after, giving all stakeholders a deeper understanding of the project, its tokenomics and roadmap.  

Story Trailer

The story trailer, featuring the voice of Engin Altan Duzyatan, was released in early 2022, and gave our community an exciting teaser to the story behind Medieval Empires. And all the goodness that was yet to come!

Seed and Private Round

Our seed and private round kicked off in the third quarter of 2022.

World Map Showroom

The world map was one of our first major gameplay updates and gave the chance to our community to peek into the actual game world of Medieval Empires through the World Map Showroom on the website.  

NFT Land Sale  

Our inaugural land sale took place in September 2022 with a lot of marketing and community-building activities surrounding it. A lot of land counties were sold from all tiers of land as players rushed to grab their favorite territories in the game.

Town Module  

This was the biggest and the most exciting gameplay update since the world map as players got to see the view they would create, build and expand in.  Please note that this version of the town module is being constantly updated with new UI/UX elements being added as the town view gets more refined.

$MEE Token Launch

The highly anticipated $MEE token launch took place on 19th December 2022, as the token was listed on the Bybit exchange.  

Take a look at this phenomenal journey so far in this video below:

2023 and beyond!

As we move into 2023, there are a lot of exciting new updates coming your way including a major gameplay update. After the World Map and Town View, our community will soon be able to see the phenomenal province view.  

In addition to that, there will be many more milestones to achieve in 2023 as our community gears up to play Medieval Empires. So, stay tuned to our social channels as we take you on this exhilarating journey along with us!