A Recap of Medieval Empires CVO and Co-Founder, Assad Dar’s Appearances at AIBC, WBS, IFW and Crypto Rockstar Cruise!


May 2023

Team Medieval Empires

As our team continues to work towards creating an exceptional gaming experience for our users, our CVO and Co-Founder, Assad Dar has been on a roll, attending multiple events and conferences in the last few months to showcase Medieval Empires to the world.

One of the events he attended was the AIBC Eurasia, where he talked about the challenges that come with bringing blockchain technology to mainstream gaming across the globe. Assad discussed how the current perception of blockchain gaming is not particularly good, resulting in a lack of trust and knowledge about it. However, he strongly believes that crypto gaming will disrupt the industry with its immense potential to offer players a fun and rewarding experience by participating in the game's economy.

While on stage for AIBC Eurasia, Assad said, “I believe very strongly that crypto gaming will disrupt the gaming industry, because it has so much potential. I mean if you have a good game and it's fun to play and players can actually get something out of it by participating in its economy, then this is a game changer. And it is now happening in blockchain gaming.”

Assad Dar on Stage at AIBC Eurasia

Assad also spoke at the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai about the importance of making games accessible by removing entry barriers. He emphasized the need to enable mass adoption of blockchain gaming, and highlighted how Medieval Empires is addressing this issue.

At the Istanbul Fintech Week, Assad showcased Medieval Empires and spoke about how gaming can drive usage in the metaverse, similar to how it has done in the blockchain space. He also touched upon the aspect of real ownership in blockchain games, which is a major attraction for users.

Assad Dar speaks on stage at the Istanbul Fintech Week

Lastly, Assad Dar joined key industry figures from the crypto space on the Crypto Rockstars Cruise and talked about Medieval Empires. He explained how web3 gaming will be the door opener for the metaverse, unlocking endless possibilities for players.

Assad Dar as part of a Panel Discussion at the Crypto Rockstars Cruise

We are thrilled to have Assad Dar represent Medieval Empires at these events and share his insights with the community. Stay tuned for more updates on our journey to revolutionize the gaming industry through blockchain technology.