Hear Ye, Hear Ye – Black Friday brings you an Unbeatable Opportunity to get Land NFTs in Medieval Empires!


November 2022

Team Medieval Empires

It all started with this very fascinating story of the small town of Beypazari...  

The Seven Saints of Central Asia foretold about a region in Northern Ankara, which would flourish after the birth of one of the bravest warriors of the Ottoman Empire – a region that would see good fortune and would be home to the most prosperous of towns. A land that would witness the marching of the greatest armies, formation of new alliances and training of the greatest warriors…

As time would soon tell, the prophecy of the Seven Saints did come true. The bravest of warriors, Ertugrul Ghazi was born to Gunduz Alp, a son of the land of Beypazari in Northern Ankara. And as foretold, soon after, Beypazari prospered. Great armies were formed, fortresses were built, towns were created, trade routes were established, art, culture and religion thrived...

As the years passed by and Ertugrul Ghazi came of age, there came a significant time in the town’s history that will forever be remembered for its impact on the quaint town’s economic prosperity. There was a great deal of excitement around this time with talk of a magnificent event bringing in great fortunes for the people of Beypazari. The whole town was abuzz with details of this event, which would fall on a sacred Friday and would allow merchants and landowners to claim big gains – but only for a short period of time. One could almost feel the thrill in the air!  

That event was widely referred to in history as the BLACK FRIDAY LAND SALE.  

And guess what - it is here! Happening this Friday in the year 2022! Mark your calendar for 25.11.22 if you want to grab some land in Medieval Empires at great prices and get a chance to win land counties! And with it, many benefits for new landowners!

Please note that all landowners, including the ones from the previous land sale, would have the chance to win additional land through this airdrop!

The much-anticipated event will take place from Friday (25.11.22) 4pm CET to Monday (28.11.22) 4pm CET on OpenSea, which is a small amount of time for big gains! All the warriors out there must act swiftly and grab this much sought-after land in the majestic game world of Medieval Empires!

Here’s how it will work:

From December 2022 to March 2023, every 2nd Monday of the month would be the day to mark on your calendars! This is the day when the airdrop would kick off for 5 days, happening at 1pm CET daily. Every day, 1 county will be given out, each day from a different tier.

The selection of wallets would be reset daily. So, for instance, if you buy a county only on a Tuesday before 1PM within a given week, you would be eligible for the draw from Tuesday onwards. Also, users would have the chance to win several counties within the week of drawing.

The ticket system would be based on a simple calculation involving the number of counties and the tier level. To make it clearer, here’s an example:  

  1. User A has 1*Tier1 county = 1 Ticket
  1. User B has 1*Tier5 county = 5 Tickets
  1. User C has 1*Tier1 + 2*Tier3 + 1*Tier5 = 12 Tickets

Come take advantage of this historic opportunity and settle in a majestic and historical land at a very affordable price – a phenomenal, limited time offer! Create your own towns on your land, train your bravest warriors and create a flourishing economy as you continue to fulfill the prophecy of the Seven Saints!

Head over to our official OpenSea collection: https://opensea.io/collection/medieval-empires-lands, where the special Black Friday event will be starting at 4:00 PM CET on Friday, 25 November 2022 and will last till Monday, 28 November - 4:00 PM CET