Everything you need to know about the Silver Token in Medieval Empires


August 2023

Team Medieval Empires

As our Medieval Empires community continues to grow and enjoy the Early Access version, we're working to make the gaming experience even better. A recent update that's caught the spotlight is the introduction of the Silver Token. Let's dig into what exactly this token is and how it amps up your Medieval Empires adventure!

What is the Silver Token?

Silver token is one of the two tokens in Medieval Empires. You already know the $MEE token which was launched in December last year and is the utility token used for premium content and voting rights. The Silver token, on the other hand, will be used as an in-game economy token and would have a stable value to guarantee the accessibility of all elementary game elements. Its supply will not be limited and can be increased with the number of players in the game.  

What can the Silver Token Do?

The silver token is Medieval Empires first step towards a crypto-based payment system where USDC and soon USDT (on Polygon) would be the payment currency. They can be used to instantly acquire or speed up the upgrade process of production or training units.

Silver can be used to speed up the building upgrade process, injured army healing process and the hero/unit training and upgrade process. Silver tokens can also be used to recruit a new hero or unit instantly. Upgrading a hero would require Silver, even with a timer. Another use of the Silver token is speeding up the process of expanding your area in the town.  

In the future, more such features will be introduced where processes can be accelerated by using Silver. Players will also be able to pay their landlord with Silver tokens in the later versions of the game.  

How can I Purchase the Silver Token?

Acquiring Silver Tokens is as easy as a few clicks. Head over to the Medieval Empires website and hit the 'Go to Marketplace' button. Right now, we've got five Silver Token bundles up for grabs, details of which can be found on the website. In the future, more bundles will be added. We also plan to integrate other currencies, but for now, players can only use USDC and USDT to purchase these Silver token bundles from the marketplace.  

We are sure you are as excited about the Silver token in Medieval Empires as we are! This is something that our community asked for and we delivered! So, keep giving us more feedback about whatever you want to see in the game in the future!