Get to Know the ME Team: Jan Berkefeld | Co-Founder & CEO


May 2023

Team Medieval Empires

The Medieval Empires team is on an unstoppable journey, conquering milestone after milestone as we gear up for the highly anticipated public release of our game early next year. At the helm of the project, guiding the entire team is our exceptional Co-Founder and CEO, Jan Berkefeld. This week, we had the privilege of speaking with Jan, delving into the project's accomplishments and gaining fascinating personal insights.

How did you get involved with Medieval Empires?

Assad Dar and I are co-founders of the project. He came up with the idea, reached out to Engin and Carl, and pitched it. I have known Assad for 15 years and we have been in contact about the project since the beginning. With Engin and Carl on board, and our combined interest in blockchain, gaming and building companies, we sat down together and discussed how I could contribute to setting up the project's structure and build the company together with Assad. And so, the journey began!  

Tell us a bit about what you do in Medieval Empires team?

Whoa, that’s going to be a long list! 😀

I am involved in various aspects of the project. We have hired a great team with a lot of experience from the gaming industry. And we trust our hires to handle their responsibilities. However, I contribute to different company functions such as assisting in development, company strategy implementation, team leadership, strategic decision-making, partnerships, and ensuring compliance with legal regulations. I also manage communication with stakeholders, investors, partners, shareholders, and the board of directors. Additionally, I stay updated on industry trends, network events, token-related activities, IDOs, IEOs and fundraising.  

Jan is a structured professional with a passion for building companies

So, it’s a mix of a lot of high-level things that help give the company direction.  

What’s your favorite video game? /What was the last video game you played?

Actually, we have a joint gaming event every two weeks, where we play with the team. It's a fun opportunity to play Age of Empires 4 together with everyone. Other than that, I used to play games like Counterstrike, Diablo, and Command and Conquer in the past, but currently, I don't have much time for gaming.

If you were in medieval times, what character would you be, and why?  

I love creating stuff with my own hands, so maybe a blacksmith. But like an army leader could also be nice, who makes strategic decisions, leading an army into battle.  

What is the best part about working with Medieval Empires?

I love creating something from scratch. Although the startup environment can be challenging, demanding, and stressful, it is amazing to see our ideas evolve. Starting with an idea, we have assembled a talented team and witnessing the progress and achievements we make is really fulfilling. For instance, the two-week game update releases that we are doing now shows our rapid delivery, which is quite exciting. Being able to present our work and provide value to our customers is both stressful and invigorating simultaneously! 😀  

Jan loves to spend his free time with his wife and kids!

What are the main challenges you have faced while leading Medieval Empires, and how have you overcome them?

Like I said, it is a startup environment, which means there are hundreds of challenges we are facing all the time. For instance, when we began, the market was booming, but it has since become quite unfavorable and that obviously impacts the company.  

The process of organizing our IDO and IEO was particularly exhausting, involving the search for suitable partners, launchpads, and smart contracts. The entire business landscape continues to present challenges.  

Additionally, navigating regulations, especially in the blockchain space, requires constant communication with lawyers, as there are many aspects to consider. Despite these challenges, we have faced them head-on and remain committed to adapting and making significant progress with Medieval Empires!

What’s your all-time favorite old/war movie and why?

Braveheart. And Troy. And as for series, I would say Band of Brothers.  

Your favorite pastime/hobby?

My family, spending time with my wife and kids and meeting up with friends. Going to the gym is a passion of mine, and I also love going to the desert. Whenever work allows, I try to play sports 3-5 times a week, with paddle tennis and squash being my favorites.

Jan's Newest Hobby: Exploring the Desert!

How does Medieval Empires differentiate itself from similar blockchain projects in the market?

I truly believe that there is currently nothing quite like us in the market. Our approach, go-to marketing strategy, and overall experience are what set us apart. We have made it easy for players to join the game and have made a product that is truly fun to play.  

The artwork is exceptional, setting us apart from many other games. Our exceptionally talented team, approach, and the idea are all quite different from what you see in the market now. And with the involvement of a popular Turkish actor, Engin Altan Düzyatan, we are bringing a distinctive experience altogether.

What is your one hidden talent?

I believe I am quite a good craftsman. In my old house, I did a lot on my own, such as tiling the bathroom, modifying the walls, woodwork etc. If I had not gone into IT, I could have been a great craftsman. Manual work is a great way to free your mind. And from time to time, I was actually better than the professionals. 😀

Family Adventures: Jan's Love for Travel and Creating Memories

Your colleagues in 3 words?

Professional, motivated and enthusiastic. They are all really fun to work with!

What milestones has Medieval Empires achieved so far, and what are your future plans for development and growth?

We have achieved a lot of important milestones since we started our journey. One of the most significant milestones for us was the launch of our token, which was a crucial step for us. And the most recent major milestone we achieved was the release of the Early Access version of Medieval Empires. Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming second Early Access version and eventually, of course the public release of the game.  

Throughout our progress, we have consistently achieved our goals and kept our promises to the community, which is especially important for us. We sincerely appreciate the support and enthusiasm shown by our community so far, and we look forward to continuing this journey together with them.

And that concludes our spotlight on Jan Berkefeld for now, the exceptional co-founder and CEO of Medieval Empires. Be sure to stay tuned as our team continues to share thrilling updates about the incredible things we have in store for our community!