Get to Know the ME Team: Mortiz Voss | Chief Technology Officer


April 2023

Team Medieval Empires

Following the successful launch of Medieval Empires first Early Access version, our team is all pumped up to bring you an even better gaming experience. Our tech team, in particular, is working tirelessly to ensure that the game runs smoothly for our players and delivers an unparalleled experience upon its full release later this year.

This week, we had a quick chat with our Chief Technology Officer, Moritz Voss, about this exciting time for Medieval Empires. Moritz is a brilliant mind who has been instrumental in driving the development of the game. So, without further ado, let us dive into our interview with him and get a sneak peek into what the future holds for Medieval Empires!

What inspired you to join Medieval Empires?

I joined right at the start when the company came together. I was just getting out of the normal games and mobile industry and was looking for something different, that would use this fantastic innovative technology called blockchain and how it is used to do something groundbreaking in gameplay.

And then the biggest inspiration in this case was Assad, our co-founder. He is a very charismatic and visionary person, we just bounced this vision off of each other, and this is how I ended up in this company.  

Tell us a bit about what you do in Medieval Empires team?

I am the CTO at Medieval Empires, which involves taking care of all the technical decisions, development decisions, plus a lot of the development itself. I coach the developers, design project architecture, sometimes design game features and help fix bugs etc.  

In the larger scale of things, there is also the blockchain side. I work with the blockchain team, helping with the code audits and reviews. I also write tests for the codes to add an additional layer of quality assurance. In addition to that, I also work a lot with the game design team. So, it’s a mix of a lot of functions.  

Moritz is a big fan of board games!

Tell us a bit about your past experiences and if you have previously worked on a blockchain or gaming project?

This is my first blockchain gaming project. Before this, I made games for a long time and I have shipped around like 30 titles, most of which were mobile games. So, for the most part my experience is making games, games and games. For Medieval Empires, I built up my blockchain knowledge, got some good talent together and now we are building a fantastic strategic game together!

What’s your favorite video game?

Right now, it would have to be ‘Magic: The Gathering Arena’.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Space exploration and science fiction. So, I love to look at space pictures to see what new discoveries were made in astronomy and it helps me to wind down!  

If you were in medieval times, what character would you be, and why?

I would probably be a scribe or the person who kept the books for traders in medieval times because I have these mathematical and writing skills. And I am pretty good with languages too, so I could be the person who helps a king, or even a businessman or trader to keep their books in order.  

Where ideas come to life: The work station of our brilliant CTO!

What is the best part about working with Medieval Empires?

The team and the community. We have a really good energy in our team and I have seldom worked with such fantastic talent and people who go above and beyond. And a lot of our developers are from Ukraine, and they have had a tough last year and they have done a fantastic job developing. And we all truly feel like we belong together and this is what gives me a lot of energy every day!  

Biggest misconception about your designation?

I think the biggest misconception about a CTO is that they are these hands-off people that just stand on the stage and hand out instructions. While that is a part of the job, I like interacting with my team members, having one on one discussions with them, together we look at codes, personal goals, etc. As a CTO, I am very hands on. Unlike what most people think, it is still a very human job!

What’s your all-time favorite old/war movie and why?

Master and Commander. And also, the TV series, Black Sails.  

Moritz has a passion for plants and gardening!

Your favorite pastime/hobby?

This is going to be super boring, but it is programming. So, I do that in my free time as well. I try to build games that are accessible to people who can't, for instance access the screens. And also, I love to make games. I kind of truly love what I do! Its been over 20 years and I haven't burned out! 😀  

What’s your one hidden talent?

I can tell stories. Personal, not technical. Love to build these little worlds and write short stories.  

Can you tell us a bit about the blockchain Medieval Empires is based on and why we chose it?

It is not going to be the only blockchain that we interact with, but we placed Medieval Empires on Polygon. Polygon has, and still is, one of the most reliable, one of the friendliest and fastest blockchains to work with. Gas fees are low, the stack is pretty secure, and everything is fantastically documented. So Polygon was a perfect option.  

We might be adding more blockchains in the future. The plan is to have the game interoperable across chains, so people can have a fully compatible gaming experience with Medieval Empires!

Coffee fuels our CTO's tech genius!

How is the tech team ensuring a seamless experience for the players?

We are still in early access, so stuff is very rough around the edges right now. So we have a quality assurance process where we take turns in pairs of two, addressing and fixing bugs. That allows everyone in the team to have the same overview of the entire game structure, which involves how the game works, what computers it needs to run on, what are the problems our players face etc. By doing this, we can ensure a really outstanding experience later this year, when we release the full version of Medieval Empires.  

And that concludes our interview with Moritz Voss, the Chief Technology Officer of Medieval Empires, as he shared his valuable insights on the game's development process, as well as some fun personal details about himself. We hope you enjoyed learning more about Medieval Empires and are as excited as we are about its upcoming second early access release. Stay tuned for more updates!