Get to Know the ME Team: Ryan Wan | Senior Unity Developer


December 2022

Team Medieval Empires

As we enter the new year, we couldn’t be more excited about all that we have achieved so far and everything that the future holds for Medieval Empires! As we gear up for more big milestones, we want you to know more about the people who are working day and night to make things happen for ME.  

This time in Get to Know the ME Team, we have our Senior Unity Developer, Ryan Wan, who is enthusiastic about innovating and exploring to bring something valuable to gamers worldwide.  

Ryan is originally from Taiwan and is currently based in Germany.

What inspired you to join Medieval Empires?

For me, the motivating factor was to be a part of a product the market had never seen before. I was told that it will be a real mid-core strategy game integrated with blockchain technology, so it sounded very exciting. When I joined, I knew there were hardly any play-and-own blockchain games in the market, so this was something new. Most importantly, I was intrigued by how the game solves the issue of inflation through its tokenomics. So, I joined the team to create a great game!

Have you worked in a blockchain studio, or is this your first experience?

I worked for a gaming studio in Taiwan where we developed an app that brings the game’s mechanisms into user’s daily life. One of the products was an app in which players could collect different kinds of plants by keeping track of their water intake throughout the day. Another app I worked on was where we turned real-life expense tracking and recording into a city simulation game. So, I have worked in several innovative technology companies and intend to apply that experience to Medieval Empires now.  

Tell us a bit about what you do in Medieval Empires?

I am a game developer here! Currently, I am building a prototype according to the game specs that will also address technical disparities with the producers, and then there is collaborating with artists to convert their concepts into game design. Also, I work with designers to create the game flow that determines how players will interact with the game and its interface. So that’s basically what I do here – finalising all the details, features, and modules concerned with the game by collaborating and coordinating with different teams.  

Can you share with us some of your past experiences, where you have worked, and what you worked on?

Previously, I worked for a studio named FourDesire as a mobile developer. We developed game apps that would bring fun experiences into players’ daily lives.  I also worked on the Plant Nanny app, so I would feel really motivated when we got feedback from users that we helped them, and their families stay hydrated. When you get such heartwarming feedback from the community, you actually want to do more. Hence, I jumped at the opportunity of joining Medieval Empires.  

What’s your favourite video game, or what was the last video game that you played?

I really like a game developed by Supercell called Brawl Stars.  

What is the development team at Medieval Empires currently working on?

Currently, our team is working on three different modules – developing prototypes and collaborating with the art team for visuals. The three modules are world map, province map, and town builder.  This is the first time we are developing the province map, so we are taking care of technical requirements and also working on a playable prototype of the town module.  The next step will be designers providing us with the interface, and we will determine the game flow in the province map.  

What’s your guilty pleasure?

It has to be BUBBLE TEA! You know, I’m from Taiwan, and you can find three to four bubble tea shops on every street. I know it’s unhealthy and contains lots of sugar, but I just cannot resist it.  

If you were in medieval times, what character would you be and why?

I think I might be a stonemason or a craftsman because I like creating stuff and keeping things tidy. So yeah, any character that builds something!  

What is the best part about working in Medieval Empires?

It has to be the novelty of this product! Since I love creating new stuff, and this is something not available in the market, I’m really excited to bring something new to game lovers.  

And, oh yes, remote working!  

What is the biggest misconception about your designation?

That I can fix any computer issue! The only thing I can do is turn the machine off and on again. If the problem still prevails, nopes! I can’t do anything about it.  

What’s your all-time favourite old/war movie, and why?

I will say Shutter Island! This was the first time I saw this type of a mind-blowing movie, and since then, I’ve become a fan of the genre.  

What’s your favourite pastime or hobby?  

I LOVE taking photos! For me, it’s not just about photography but actually capturing the moment in time and keeping it in my memories forever.  

Some of the amazing photos taken by Ryan in and around Hamburg have been shared in the gallery below!

Ryan is a big fan of photography

What’s your one hidden talent?

No hidden talent, none at all! I am an open book, and everyone already knows what I’m good at.  

Your colleagues in three words?

Friendly, talented, and professional!  

Every person on the team is dedicated to their responsibilities and takes ownership of their work. Also, the kind of help and empathy I get here I haven’t seen anywhere else. I remember asking in my interview if I would be required to spend a lot of overtime here, and I was told immediately that won't be required, since we all have families and lives to get back to outside of work!

Team Kayi or Team Crusaders?

Since most of the team is choosing crusaders, I would like to be Team Kayi!  

That was another gem for you from the tech team! Stay tuned, and we’ll introduce you to more of our fantastic team members whose talents can be seen in our Web3 marvel, Medieval Empires.