How to Buy Land in Medieval Empires?


September 2022

Team Medieval Empires

Medieval Empires is an exciting play-and-earn web3 game being developed by a team of top experts from the gaming industry. The game would allow players to explore, expand and earn in a fantastic universe inspired by real historic events.  

Land is an integral part of Medieval Empires’ economy and is the foundation of its gameplay. Purchasing land in the game offers many benefits for its owners, and the extent of those benefits would depend on the land tier you purchase. There are 5 land tiers in the game, with tier 5 offering the highest benefits and utility in terms of gameplay and rewards.

With the land sale right around the corner, it is important to be aware of the exact process of buying land in Medieval Empires. To make it easy for you, we have compiled a simple step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Log on to our website,

Step 2: Head over to the land sale page

Step 3: Click on ‘View Map’ to go into the showroom and you will see an overview of the world map  

Step 4: Zoom in to Northern Ankara, where the first land sale is being hosted and get a detailed view of the counties available. Counties on the map are color coded according to the land tier  

Step 5: From the pop-up for ‘Map Filters’ towards your left, you can narrow your search according to the tier, price and number of slots  

Step 6: Select the county of your choice to view more details about it.  

Step 7: Click ‘Purchase on OpenSea’ once you have decided which county you want to go for. This will lead you to OpenSea where you can check the complete details of your chosen county.

Step 8: You can simply click ‘buy now’ and you will be redirected to your crypto wallet where you can confirm the transaction. Once the transaction is confirmed, OpenSea will show the NFT as owned by you.  

And just like that, you can become the owner of a land NFT in the majestic world of Medieval Empires! You can visit the world map again to check your county, which will automatically be updated as ‘sold’ on the map in a few minutes.