Insider Strategy Tips for Buying Land NFTs from our Game Designer


September 2022

Team Medieval Empires

Medieval Empires is a multiplayer online game that will give players the opportunity to strategise, conquer and earn in a grand game universe. The game features a land-based economy with gameplay, resource generation and progression dependent on land.  

Our Game Design Director, Felix Hartung-Hespelt has revealed some exciting insider tips for different kinds of gamers to help you enjoy and progress in the game, just the way you like it!

To understand land strategy in Medieval Empires, it is important to learn about the tier system. Let’s do a quick run-through of the land tier structure and benefits.  

The Land Tier System in Medieval Empires
There are 5 land tiers in the game, each with its own price and benefits, with tier 5 offering the top advantages.  

Strategy Tips with Examples
Felix has helped outline different kinds of players and the potential gameplay strategies they might want to use.  

Leaders: If you want to play as a leader, ideally go for the big counties, with at least 12-16 town slots. You can set the price range according to your budget and vary tiers as you prefer. Check the shortlisted counties on the map to select whichever combination of benefits you want to go for.  

Guilds: For guilds, who are mainly progression-focused, the ideal way would also be to get a big county, around 15-16 slots. With this requirement, if you don’t want to spend too much money, you can go for Tier 1 land. Big land, low cost, earnings through mass income coming through a large number of people.

Group of Friends: If there is a group of friends who wants to buy land by pooling in money, there are multiple strategies they could use. For instance, say there are 9 people. One option would be to go for a county with 11-12 slots and rent out the extra slots for tax income. Another option could be to get a 9-slot county in a land tier that allows resource production which you can then sell to generate income.  

Merchants: For merchants, having land in either Tier 4 or Tier 5 is ideal. If you intend to trade and want to produce resources on your own, you can opt for a county with less slots. Or you could also go for more slots and more people producing for you while you trade.  

Management Maestros: If you love to manage, then a good strategy would be to go for many small counties in a higher tier. You can have a small county producing units, another one producing decorations, and your vassals can also give you unlocks. But with this strategy, you will have to spend a lot more time on management. Another strategy for this group could be to get one big county with top benefits and multiple other small counties where you can train players to prove their worth before allowing them into your big county.  

Power Players: For players who want to lead rankings across the board, tier 5 land is the best bet, with 12-16 slots. With top tier benefits, you can have the strongest army and best resources – something that would come in handy during events and battles.  

To learn about the land tiers and potential strategies you can use in the game, hear it from the man himself!