Medieval Empires announces its First Early Access Game Release!


March 2023

Team Medieval Empires

Medieval Empires, the mid-core strategy blockchain game set in the 13th century, featuring award-winning actor Engin Altan Düzyatan is excited to announce its first early access version, set to be released on March 29th, 2023. This exclusive release is available only to the Medieval Empires’ land NFT owners and will provide them with an opportunity to get the first-ever experience of the game's three modules - the World Map, the Province Map, and the Town View.

Assad Dar, the Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) and Co-Founder for Medieval Empires, expressed his excitement about this milestone achievement, stating, "The release of this early access version of the game is just another step in the journey ahead as we are geared towards bringing the full game to our community. The past year has been an exciting road for Medieval Empires as we have achieved many significant milestones, and we are excited to share our game with the world!"

Qing Guan, the Executive Producer for Medieval Empires, added, "This release will help us gather useful feedback from the community about the product and user experience, which will help us make improvements and enhancements in the game and the overall experience our community has when the full game is released!"

The first early access version is going to be released for desktop devices for the intended gaming experience, with other devices to follow for the full version release.

To view and buy our Land NFT collection, go to our OpenSea page. Learn more about the Roadmap for Medieval Empires and all the exciting updates the game has in store for the community!

About Medieval Empires

Medieval Empires is a play-and-own multiplayer strategy game set in the 13th century in modern-day Turkey. The game features Engin Altan Düzyatan as Ertugrul Ghazi, who faces off against the future King of England, Edward 1st, also known as Edward Longshanks. As Edward expands a successful 9th Crusade across Europe to the Holy Land, players will engage in exciting PvE battles and explore and dominate new regions and factions as they are introduced.

The game is being built on the Polygon blockchain and will be available on PC (Windows), MAC (OSX), and Mobile (iOS and Android). The Medieval Empires utility token ($MEE) was launched in December 2022, providing a unique opportunity for players to own a piece of the game's ecosystem.

Medieval Empires has also introduced a staking function through which people can gain access to this early version of the game.  

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