Medieval Empires Dev Update | Latest Tech, Game and Art Updates from the ME Team!


January 2023

Team Medieval Empires

Medieval Empires had an exciting end to the year 2022, with a massive token launch event! And now, with that milestone achieved, our team is geared towards making 2023 an incredibly happening and successful year as we work towards bringing Medieval Empires to the community.  

This week, we are bringing the latest updates from the game design, tech and art departments as we take our community along with us on the journey to create Medieval Empires.  

Tech Update

The biggest update that the tech and game design teams are currently working on is the Province Map. Just like the World Map and Town View, the Province Map is another important view of the game that users will be able to interact with. The tech team is currently working on the functionality aspect of it which will be followed by creating the actual visual look of the map that players will eventually be able to see in the game.  

Game Design Update

The game design department is working hard to further refine the town view and add more features to it. Let’s take a look at a few recent gameplay updates.  

In case you missed other recent updates, you can always catch up here:

In addition to collaborating with the tech team on the Province Map, the game design team is also working on creating a battle flow. The battle flow defines the entire process from an invader appearing near a town, to the actual battle taking place between two sides. The process flow for this is being currently defined, after which UI/UX elements will be added to it. And soon, our community will be able to see how battles will begin and unfold in Medieval Empires!

Art Update

The art team is currently working on new building designs for the Turkish faction including the research, concept art and visual aids. Multiple buildings are in the process of being created including the town-hall, lumbermill, barracks, mines, stables and so on. Colors and textures are being added for these buildings as they finally start to come together, ready to be added to the Medieval Empires game world.  

Here’s a look at the art process for the creation of a Turkish lumbermill:

Creation of a Turkish Lumbermill
Research & Development of the Turkish Barracks
Creation of the Turkish Stables

The art team has also been working on creating the sketches for different Crusaders that will be non-playable characters (NPCs) in the game. We shared infantry characters with you last time, this time we have cavalry and archery from the Crusader side.

These are work in progress sketches that are being further refined before they will be added to the majestic game world of Medieval Empires.  

So, there you have it! A roundup of the latest developments that team Medieval Empires is working on. Stay tuned to our social channels for more exciting news and updates!