Medieval Empires Dev Update - The Latest Game, Product and Art Updates from the ME Team!


March 2023

Team Medieval Empires

The world of Medieval Empires is starting to come to life, and we have some exciting new updates for our community! The highly anticipated Early Access version of the game is finally here, thanks to the tireless efforts of the entire team.  

Furthermore, the $MEE token has shown a consistent performance since its release in December 2022, resulting in our investors and community having greater confidence in the game's success.

But the work doesn't stop there. The game team is constantly striving to develop new mechanics and functionalities to make Medieval Empires even more engaging, challenging, and enjoyable for players. Meanwhile, the talented art team is hard at work creating new content and refining existing features to bring the game closer to perfection.

Join us as we explore the exciting world of Medieval Empires and discover all the latest updates that are making this game one of the most thrilling and immersive experiences around.

Early Access Release

We are thrilled to announce the biggest update yet - the Early Access version of Medieval Empires, which launched on our website on March 29th, 2023. This version is exclusively available to players who own Land NFTs in the game. As a landowner, you will have the chance to download and play the game while giving us valuable feedback to make further improvements for future versions. Additionally, we are offering a staking function that gives all players a chance to participate in the Early Access version through a lucky draw.

This marks an exciting time for the game, as we will continuously release new versions of the game to players who have access.

Gameplay Updates

Daily Missions

After the first Early Access version, we will add a new feature called Daily Missions. Players will need to complete 15 tasks in a day to receive direct rewards in the form of resources and activity points. For activity points, players will get milestone rewards in terms of silver tokens.

How Daily Missions will work in Medieval Empires

The first set of tasks will include collecting a certain amount of resources such as wheat, wood, and ore. Players will also have the opportunity to acquire new heroes or level up existing ones. Similar tasks will be available for units and buildings in the town view. On the province map, players can defeat invaders, claim resources, and finish encounters.

Difficulty and Rewards

Tasks will be separated into different levels of difficulty, including easy, medium, and hard. Completing easy tasks will require collecting fewer resources and result in fewer activity points, while hard tasks will require collecting more resources and reward players with more activity points.

Art Updates

The art team at Medieval Empires has also been working hard to create a truly immersive and beautiful gaming experience by improving the quality of assets and textures and making the game environment livelier and more believable.

The Stunning Game World of Medieval Empires

Terrain Enhancements

The team has also been working on enhancing the terrain and relief in the game with the creation of new biomes, mountains, and rock formations. The main goal is to consistently improve the artistic visuals in the game.  

Experimenting with Different Terrains and Textures in the game world in Medieval Empires
Creation of New Characters and Avatars

Our art team has also created new characters, heroes, units, warriors, and avatars to further enhance the gameplay experience.

A Variety of Characters, Avatars and Heroes the Art Team has created to implement in Medieval Empires

Overall, we are thrilled to bring these exciting updates to our players and look forward to their feedback to continue improving the game. Thank you for being a part of our Medieval Empires journey, and we can't wait to see you on the battlefield!