Photoblog: Town View vs Province Map vs World Map


February 2023

Team Medieval Empires

Medieval Empires is a mid-core multiplayer online strategy game that will allow countless players across the globe to engage in battles for loot, land, and legacy in a blockchain powered, historical world filled with exciting opportunities to play and own.

The game will be based on three modules: The World Map, Province View and Town View. Let’s take a look at what will happen in each of these modules.

Town View

The town view is where the progress and production takes place. Players will build their towns here, generate resources, assemble troops, recruit heroes, etc.

A Turkish Town
Closeup for the Turkish Town
A Crusader Town

Here is a more detailed look at the creation of the Crusader Town view:

Province Map

From the town view, players will move to the province map to fight battles and accomplish missions and quests and win rewards.

The Province View
Invaders appearing on the province map
A closeup of invaders around a town on the province map
A work-in-progress of mountains being implemented on the province map

Here's a more detailed look at the Province Map in Medieval Empires:

World Map

Here, on the world map, the macroeconomy happens, with trading and collecting being the main functions of this module. You can buy land, buy NFTs in our marketplace or third party marketplaces.

The World Map in Medieval Empires
The county view on the world map

So there you have it, the grand game world of Medieval Empires! With engaging gameplay in a rich historical world powered by blockchain technology, you would not want to miss out! Stay tuned for more updates on our social channels as we gear up to bring you the ultimate gaming experience!