The Journey of Creating the $MEE Token Design!


January 2023

Team Medieval Empires

The $MEE token design has gone through a comprehensive process of research, design and evolution as the art and marketing teams at Medieval Empires aimed to create a design that would be timeless and relevant to the game. Even though the design looks quite simple at a glance, there is a whole thought process that went into each element of the design, including its shape, color and signage. Let's dive into this exciting creative journey!


The first part of the process was research and inspiration. This involved delving deep into the 13th century Turkey region and trying to understand the cultures of the time, including the Byzantine Empire and even the Roman Empire. A lot of coins were analysed in the process to truly understand the materials that were used, the design structure, shapes, colors etc.  

In addition to our own research, the team at Medieval Empires also reached out to our history advisor, Hussein Yilmaz, who has a PhD from Harvard University in History and Middle Eastern Studies and has a strong grasp of the history of Ertugrul and the time he existed in.  With his guidance, our research was enhanced and more refined in terms of the overall look of the coin we should be aiming for. to represent the $MEE Token.

Research into Different Medieval Coins

Understanding the Process

In order to truly create an authentic token design, it was important to understand the process of making coins in the medieval era and the equipment that was used. The equipment used at the time looked something like what you see in the image below, with the metal piece placed in between two surfaces with a die attached. As a result of this process, the shape and thickness of the coins in medieval times was never exactly the same.

The equipment used to manually create coins in the Medieval Era

Selection of Design Elements

Once we had the research done, it was time to decide which elements would be suitable for the $MEE token. One thing that was important to bear in mind at this point was that our game world will not remain limited to Turkey and its surrounding territories. The game world in Medieval Empires will expand into different parts of the world and bring in a lot of other factions like the Crusaders, Mongols and even the Mamluks, Byzantines or the Romans creating a grand game universe. So, the $MEE token design had to be something more universal and timeless that could eventually be used for all factions which will be added to the game in the future. With all this in mind, our artists were able to present us with these preliminary designs.  

Exploration of Symbols, Colors, Shapes and Elements

The Final Design

The final design that the team at Medieval Empires came up with was an amalgamation of the various symbols and elements that were studied in the research process. The design of the $MEE token was kept universal to accommodate for more future factions in the game. The final coin is also relatively irregular in shape, has ‘MEE’ written across it and is gold in color to associate it with the metal gold, which is not only the most precious metal to be used for coins but also falls right into place in terms of medieval history.  

The Final $MEE Coin Design

If you want to learn about the fascinating process in detail, here's the Medieval Empires team explaining the journey of the creation of the $MEE token design.