What's Next for Medieval Empires?


April 2023

Team Medieval Empires

The future of Medieval Empires promises to be an exciting one, with new updates, features, and improved graphics that will make the game even more immersive and engaging.Medieval Empires recently released its first Early Access version for land NFT owners and received a tremendous response from the community. This was a big milestone for the entire ME team, as it allowed players to experience the game's three modules and provide valuable feedback. The team received a tremendous response to this release, with a lot of landowners joining in and building their towns in the game world.

The purpose of this early release was to gather useful feedback from the community about the product and user experience. With this feedback, we will be able to make improvements and enhancements to the game to ensure a highly enjoyable experience for all players when the full game is released on desktop and subsequently on Mac and mobile devices.  

Over the next few months, Medieval Empires will be releasing multiple new updates based on the feedback received. Player vs Player (PvP) battles will be added alongside classic Player vs Environment (PvE) gameplay, allowing players to compete against each other and claim victory on the battlefield. The game world will also be expanded with new features, quests, and challenges, giving players a unique experience every time they log in.

The development team is constantly working to ensure a seamless gaming experience for players by taking care of any bugs and problems with the game’s features and functionalities while the art team is working on improving the visual quality of the game, with stunning graphics that will transport players to the medieval era. Stunning artifacts, weapons, and costumes are being created that will further enhance the overall gaming experience.

New character art in development! More costumes and weapons to enhance your gaming experience.

The team behind Medieval Empires is committed to delivering the best gaming experience possible for their community which is why we take player feedback seriously and plan to incorporate it into every update we make. The goal is to create a game that players will love and enjoy for years to come.

The future of Medieval Empires looks bright and exciting. With the addition of new features, better functionalities, and improved graphics, the game is set to become even more immersive and engaging. The entire team is grateful to the community for their support and feedback and is excited to keep bringing players more updates as we march towards the full release. So, gear up, warriors! The battlefield awaits!