Why We Chose “Polygon Blockchain” for Medieval Empires' Development?


September 2022

Team Medieval Empires

NFT enthusiasts may always want to put their trust in popular blockchain protocols, but that comes at a price. While most NFT marketplaces support Ethereum, users have to bear higher gas prices and slower transaction processing times.  

Blockchain technology is already redefining the gaming industry – playing and not earning actual money in return will gradually become a thing of the past. But how do we avoid the setbacks presented by mainstream blockchain protocols in making blockchain gaming genuinely profitable and sustainable?

We choose the blockchain that aligns with our company’s product, plan and long-term vision. And that is Polygon Blockchain.  

Polygon is gaining traction gradually, and we believe it will reach the number one spot very soon because of its many benefits, including security, scalability and sustainability. Let us share with you why we prioritised Polygon over the rest:

Low Gas Fee for Players

Players are lured toward blockchain gaming as they are promised good earning opportunities along with gameplay. However, the high transaction fee takes away all the fun. Typically costing between $50 to $100, the price includes one-time account initialization cost and contract approval.

Providing a solution to the problem, Polygon comes to save the day. It is a side chain or layer-2 solution to Ethereum, allowing the deployment of Ethereum Smart Contracts to a polygon network.  

Simply put, it is the best option, especially for the audiences immersed in the NFT space, who are looking for more affordable options.  

Quick and Easy Transactions for Users

With other blockchains, users occasionally face the problem of slow or delayed transactions. The more popular a protocol becomes, the more compromised gaming experience for the players.  

Catering to a vast network of users and a massive demand for verification means the network occasionally gets congested.

Medieval Empires lets players start out as the leader of a small village and gradually rise to become war heroes. All this becomes possible through trading, fighting, forming alliances, and building powerful empires.  

We can’t let players wait to achieve their targets and goals because of slow transactions, which is another reason why we chose Polygon!

We Care About the Environment

Taking care of this planet is our foremost concern!  

While the comfort and entertainment of our players matter to us, we could never compromise on the planet’s well-being knowing the carbon footprint of other blockchain protocols. We were determined to find a way to ensure the prosperity of the planet and its people.

Compared to other popular blockchains, Polygon consumes only a fraction of energy and has the lowest carbon footprint, right in line with our values.  

Polygon – All the Way

We believe that we need to follow the high standards that we have set for ourselves for the players’ well-being and the environment’s betterment.

Medieval Empires is all set to launch in 2023. We look forward to providing an outstanding blockchain gaming experience to all our players. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to know more about the exciting forthcoming updates. If you have any questions or queries, join our Discord channel.