$MEE Token Launch is LIVE on ByBit! All IDOs Sell Out in Record Times!


December 2022

Team Medieval Empires

The $MEE token launch has been quite a successful event so far, with phenomenal responses from the community already. The IDOs for $MEE token started on the 12th of December with WePad and ran through 18th of December 2022, with QMAIL being our most recent IDO. Over this period of one week, the $MEE token was launched on six launchpads, including EnjinStarter. Poolz, BinStarter and TrustPad. And all of the IDOs saw the token sell out completely in record times!  

It is really exciting to see the $MEE token sell out on ALL the launchpads that we listed on, which goes to show the confidence of the community in the token and the project itself. This confidence in Medieval Empires is a true reflection of the great product we are in the process of building with an exceptionally talented team!

We are now headed into our IEO as the $MEE token gets listed on ByBit exchange! And the excitement around the token could not be higher! Let's take a look at some of the most notable moments in the week since our IDOs started!

There is a lot of anticipation around the token launch in the community, with exciting responses coming in from all around. Future players are thrilled about the $MEE token as it will also offer actual utility within the game, in addition to being one of the two in-game currencies.

Engin Altan Duzyatan, who plays the character of Ertugrul in the game, also expressed his excitement regarding the token launch.

The $MEE token launched on Poolz and BinStarter and QMAIL, receiving a phenomenal response on each.

The $MEE Token Launch is live now on ByBit! Claim your MEE Token now: https://bit.ly/BybitSpotMEE

Check out our token launch page for all the information on how you can buy the tokens and become a part of this amazing journey with us, as we create a #web gaming phenomenon that will usher in a new era of video games!

Stay tuned to our social channels for more updates about our token launch, game and art developments, the MEE team and much more!